The Science Behind Parental Alienation

As a professor, David knows how important it is to use scholarly work to explain Parental Alienation.   If you would like books to help you, here are a couple of excellent ones:

  1. Click here to purchase Parental Alienation- Science and Law
  2. Click here to purchase Divorce Poison by Warshak 
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Here are some resources outlining the science behind this form of child abuse.

Click here for books on Parental Alienation

Click here for quantitative research papers on Parental Alienation

More peer reviewed research papers on Parental Alienation

There is a lot of discussion of the Joan Meier study, stating the case against Parental Alienation.  From a scientific viewpoint, this study is extremely flawed.  Click here to see why.   Professor Harman's paper provides an excellent rebuttal.